Useful Tips for Travelling In Indian Railways

In today’s fast paced world, time remains the biggest constraint. Would be journey aspirants look for an ideal transport for a stable, secure and fast such has become a difficult task. In India, trains are one of the easiest, cheapest and fast modes of transport in India. Over the years, Indian Railways has become convenient, reliable and right weapon to Indian citizens for getting the best service is very crucial. And it is most important aspect of every individual life, when traveling in India.

It is established by Ministry of Railways, a noted ministry in the Government of India, responsible for the country’s rail transport. It is one of the finest, sincere, honest, credible and excellent transports In India. It provides quality services like booking train tickets, special trains, status of your train ticket, current train position and etc to each and every individual. Geographical boundaries remain a thing of past, its well developed network extends every corner of India to provide the suitable services to each and everyone.

tips for using indian railway stations

Tips for using Indian Railway stations and coaches

Before traveling in the Indian rail transport, every individual has to know the some basic tips, those are given below:

  • Indication of station names – All rail stations display station names in both English and local language on their platforms. These station’s names are displayed at starting and ending of platforms as a signboard in large letters.
  • Luggage locker – These are generally available in every major station.
  • In major stations, avoid travelling in rush hours like in the morning and evening times (7:30 to 9:30 and 17:00 to 20:00).
  • Currently free Wi-Fi or internet services are available in more than 7000 stations in India.
  • Travel always with less luggage. So that your journey will be comfortable.
  • Chain your luggage to the hooks. So that your luggage will be safe.
  • Wheelchairs are available for physically handicapped persons.
  • Always prepare advanced reservation.
  • In India, trains are not run as per train time table or its schedule due to technical or track or other problems. So the passenger must be patient.
  • Some trains are stop at railway stations for two to four minutes. So be prepared and plan to get the station and pickup the train as early as possible.
  • Always keep your identity card. It will handy at anytime.
  • Retiring Rooms – Some stations have rooms. You pay a little amount and stay there until the trains will the railway station.

Every passenger has to take the careful steps as provided above, when traveling in Indian Railways trains. And also has to take some more careful below steps, when traveling. Those are given below:

Luggage Vans

Always travel with fewer luggage’s in rail, so that your journey will be more comfortable. In some cases we have to travel with over sized luggage. In that cases we have to follow the below rules:

  • First approach the luggage office situated at platform.
  • Consult the official and ask him to load your luggage in the luggage van.
  • Submit your travel ticket and luggage.
  • They will load your luggage in the luggage van, which is attached at the end of the train.
  • You have to pay the minimum charge or no amount for that, which is based on the type of the train ticket that you have.

Panty Car

Basically, in India long distance trains has the panty car. These are used to order the food items. The steps to order are given below:

  • The panty car employee or staff will come to your seat at frequently.
  • Now order the food like water, drinks, coffee, tea, snacks, breakfast and meals.
  • For this you have to pay the required amount to that person.
  • You can also order the food by walking at the panty car.
  • Always carry your own purify water during traveling. And be careful don’t purchase a sterilized water bottle. Make sure that the cap is intact.
  • When you purchase the water bottle or food or anything, take all the precautions before buying.
  • Take with you the plenty of fruits. These are not cut fruit or cut salads.

Power Bank

Now a day’s cell phone, laptop or etc is essential in our life. Almost every individual is carrying one of these goods during journey time. For this Indian Railways has maintaining the charging points at platforms and in trains. In India, there are lot of rush in stations and trains, so you have to wait before your turn comes. To avoid this just carry the power bank with you.


Ministry of Indian Railways are maintaining two types of toilets, they are Indian toilets and western toilets. You can use anyone of them as of your comfort. However using this toilets, don’t carry cell phone, glasses, keys, purse or anything with you.

useful tips for travelling in Indian railways

Safety and Security Steps in Indian Railways

During the traveling in Indian Railway, every person has to take some safety and secure steps, those are given below:

  • Do not travel on the foot board or roof of the train compartment.
  • Money belts are essential for valuables like money, credit cards, debit cards, tickets and etc.
  • Take out the required money per day when you go to the toilets or bathroom.
  • Close the train compartment door at nights.
  • If the train is in running motion don’t entrain or detrain.
  • Don’t carry any crackers or stove or gas cylinders or etc in the compartment. Which are dangerous to you and the remaining passengers?
  • Don’t allow unreserved passenger or beggars in the reserved compartment.
  • Keep your belongings safe.
  • Don’t take food or anything from unknown persons.
  • If any activity in the comportment is looking like different then inform to Railway protection force or any railway official.
  • For emergency cases just stop the train by pulling chain or break the emergency glasses.

Sit back and enjoy the ride

India is a country of diversities. In India there are different social, economical and cultural background people. The Indian Railways is the only one place, where you can see these all different kinds of people. So, whenever travel in Rail, be careful and follow the above tips and be safe and secure.