Pros And Cons of Indian Railways

The Indian Railways (IR) is one of the largest railway networks around world. It was established in the year 1853. Its headquarters is situated at New Delhi, India. It serves the highest of number of people in India. It is operated under the single management of Ministry of Railways. For the past few years IR has outstripped the rate of growth with quality parameters. It has improved tremendously with introduce of technology in Railway departments.

Indian Railways is the backbone of India nation in the way of both social and economical. It is appreciated by many of them for their fantastic job. The services of IR are reliable, safe, secure and fast. It serves every corner of India. It is one of the best and cheapest traveling resources in India. With the latest technology, it provides many features like IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation), NTES (National Train Enquiry System), live PNR status, live train running status, online or offline reservation and etc.

IR is a customer friendly company. It has been making the high standards in Indian market with quality management and effective cost control measures. It is acting as interface between Indian Government and citizens. It provides the best quality services in India citizens.

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Indian Railways Products and Services

Every day Indian railways is providing hospitality and catering to 13 million passengers with the help of IRCTC. It is providing many services and products like catering, tourism, online ticketing, e-ticking, offline booking and online booking. Its tagline is “Lifeline of the nation”. These facilities are briefly explained below:

  • Online ticketing – It’s changed the face of Indian railways ticketing system. You can book the rail ticket at IRCTC website from your PC, mobile phone and tablet. It’s also provides the SMS facility to check PNR status and live train running status.
  • Tatkal scheme – It is one of the fastest rail tickets booking system. Its booking starts one day prior to the departure of the train from source station.
  • Catering – It’s organized catering on many Indian railway stations. It maintains the very good quality consistency.
  • Tourism – It provides the budget and deluxe package tours for domestic and foreign tourists.
  • Call center – You can dial to 139 and get all information from Indian Railways.

Advantages of Indian Railways

Railway department is a central Government of India organization. It provides various facilities and opportunities for the travelers. The main advantages of Indian Railways are given below:

  • More luggage’s – You can shift larger and heavier luggage in train very comfortably.
  • First safety – IR is safest form of transport.
  • Value for money.
  • Indian Railway network spreads every corner of India.
  • Seat system is very comfortable. In AC coaches they provide blankets and pillows also.
  • Better experience for families, aged persons, kids, physical challenged persons and etc.
  • Safety, cheap, dependable and larger capacity.
  • Government Job, Increase of employment – More than 15 lakh people are working in Indian Railway.
  • High speed over long distances.

The other advantages of IR are given below:

  • It runs broad gauge, meter gauge and narrow gauge trains.
  • It has huge network and connects every nock of India.
  • Reservation facility is best.
  • Concession in ticket booking for senior citizens, handicapped persons, ladies and etc.
  • At station provides AC or Non Ac waiting rooms, hotels, food stalls, drinking water, toilets and etc for 24/7.
  • Insurance of passengers in case of accidents for injures or death.
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Disadvantages of Indian Railways

IR has providing lot of services to its passengers, but still there are lot of improvements. Those are given below:

  • Traveling by train can take longer.
  • Toilets, tracks, platforms, bathrooms and other public areas on trains and railway stations are often dirty and non-functional.
  • Railway transport is unsuitable and uneconomical for short distances.
  • Huge capital to invest for railways.
  • Railway accidents.
  • Attack on railways. With this Indian railways loss huge money.
  • Technology used by railways is outdated.
  • In India lot of passenger travel without ticket. By this IR loss huge money.
  • Railway transport is not flexible. Because it has fixed routes so that the passengers cannot be changed easily.

The other disadvantages of IR are given below:

  • Train run time is not accurate.
  • Faster trains should be started.
  • ATM’s, internet cafés and Wi-Fi at each and every station.
  • IRCTC food has to be improved.
  • X-ray luggage scanners should be put at railway stations for safety.


Indian Railways is more reliable transport system in India. In every organization there are pros and cons. In the same IR also have advantages and disadvantages. So, there is lot of improvements in Indian Railways. But still it provides the best and reliable services to passengers. It serves every nook of India.